Goal and working methods of Havonos

”When people are hungry, you don’t give them fish, but a fishing rod, and teach them how to fish”

Following the above principle, we try to improve the quality of life in our project area by improving the social and economic conditions. To guarantee self sustaining capacities of the local population is central to our mission. Also Havonos pays attention to the (many orphaned) children , since they are the future. If these children get to eat and go to school, everyone profits in the future.

Havonos wants to contribute to the realisation of the Millennium goals 1, 2, 3, 7 and 8. See for further reading and information about the Milenniumgoals: www.millenniumdoelen.nl

How we work:

To reach our goals, we have developed the following method:

  • The partner organization submits project proposals to HAVONOS. By active involvement of the local population in goal setting, wide public support is ensured.
    HAVONOS judges the projects proposals and decides whether or not to support them. An important criterium is that the projects contribute to the self-sustaining capacity of the local population and improves the living conditions.
  • HAVONOS arranges the financial means to execute the projects. The partner organization coordinates and monitors the project implementation in Sri Lanka. All necessary materials and equipment are bought locally to support the local economy.
  • HAVONOS is in direct contact with the partner organization and receives regular reports on the progress of the projects, illustrated by photos and footage.
  • HAVONOS is financially responsible for the projects as well as responsible for reporting in The Netherlands on the progress of the projects, which is done through the websites, by information meetings and by accounting and reporting to the (financial) supporters.

Havonos and OMI share the intention to offer help to the local population in the north of Sri Lanka, based on a completely neutral position and without any political commitment. Our motto: “Everyone has a right to assistance.” We work exclusively with unpaid voluntary personnel. This allows us to spend all donations to our cause, the projects in Sri Lanka.