February 2019

Much later than you are used to, we inform about our activities in 2019. In the first months of this year there have been several visits to the projects in Sri Lanka, about which we would like to report here. In this news item you can read about the following topics:

  • Website www.havonos.nl temporarily out of air
  • Visiti of the foundation A Helping Hand (SEHH) to the projects
  • Visit of the Rockids delegation at the learning / working farm, and more
  • Inauguration of 3 new computer labs at the Youth Empowerment Center (YEC)
  • Start training Beautician YEC
  • Presentation about Havonos at PCOB
  • Construction of a slurry pit and a watch house at the learning / working farm
  • Visit board member Mirjam at Anna's Home for Children
  • Requests for new projects

We wish you a lot of reading pleasure!


December 2018

Welcome to our latest news report of 2018. Again a year that has flown by to quickly! Together with you we look back on a successful and eventful 2018 and forward to 2019.
In this news item you will encounter the following topics:

• Looking back to 2018
• Thanks to the supermarkets
• Thanks to all volunteers
• Christmas greeting from Father Edwin and his lightning visit to the Netherlands
• Visit of employee Joke from Warnsveld to Anna's Home for Children
• Toys ‘Goedzakactie’ Albert Heijn Enschede distributed
• The Night of the Tip
• Preview 2019

We wish you a lot of reading pleasure!

  Goedzak container 01

September 2018

The long, warm, dry summer is behind us and we have already been able to taste the autumn. We from Havonos have been working behind the scenes for a while. High time to inform you of what we are (or have been) doing. In this newsletter you can read about:

  • Completing the project ‘a learning / working farm for (war) widows’, with Wilde Ganzen
  • Completing project 'clean water and education' at the learning / working farm, with Rabobank Employees' Fund ‘Share4More’
  • Expansion Youth Empowerment Center (YEC)
  • Realization sanitary facilities at Anna's Home for Children
  • Movies
  • New project: pre-school, together with SEHH – and, hopefully, with Wilde Ganzen

We wish you much reading pleasure!

  foto nieuws sept 2018

June 2018

Would you like to read the adventures and experiences of Mirjam and Sieni during their trip in Sri Lanka? see here the travel report.

We hope that you will enjoy reading the report and be inspired!

May 2018

So much has happened, so it is time again for a new news item from the Havonos Foundation. We are happy that you are following our news items.

In this newsletter we inform you about:
• How to view the broadcasts about the Havonos foundation (again)
• The holiday trip from board members Sieni and Mirjam to Sri Lanka
• How we make this all possible
• The fantastic cooperation with ‘Stichting Een Helpende Hand’ (SEHH)
• How to see the flight of Wilde Ganzen for the Havonos foundation (May 20)

We wish you a lot of reading pleasure!

  foto nieuws mei 2018

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